Kamila Skolimowska Memorial (Memoriał Kamili Skolimowskiej) is an international athletic meeting organized regularly since 2009 by the Kamila Skolimowska Foundation. On May 2, 2009 a “Commemorative Meeting for Kamila” took place at the Warsaw Skra stadium. The idea was to pay homage to the prematurely deceased hammer throw Sydney Olympic champion. At that time, only women and men's hammer throw competitions were held, and the event officially initiated the activities of the Kamila Skolimowska Warsaw Hammer-throw Center. The event was supposed to be a one-off undertaking, however, after a year of break the Foundation's management decided to organize the next edition of the competition in a changed formula - sportsmen and women competed in other athletics competitions apart from the hammer throw. Kamila Skolimowska Foundation's ambassadors and participants of the Memorial from its first edition are Kamila's friends, great stars of world athletics -  Tomasz Majewski and Piotr Małachowski.


The second edition of the Memorial took place on September 20, 2011 at Warsaw's Orzeł stadium. Great atmosphere, fantastic competition and the possibility of watching such sports legends as Merlene Ottey, Krisztián Pars, Gerd Kanter, Christian Cantwell and Oscar Pistorius in the flesh made the meeting a great success. Since then, the Memorial is organized every year, usually at the end of the athletic season.

The third Memorial in 2012 brought new variations – it was the debuting year of the Kamila Skolimowska's Little Memorial, where children and youth competed in seven athletics competitions. The meeting itself also achieved a higher level in terms of competition quality - seven Olympic medalists from London took part.

The fourth edition of the competition, for the last time at the stadium of the Warsaw’s “Orzeł” Stadium, was held under the slogan "There is One Sport". The event was of an integrative nature, and one of the strategic partners of the meeting was the State Fund for Rehabilitation of the Disabled. In most disciplines, athletes with disabilities competed alongside athletes without disabilities. The integration of sportsmen with disabilities and non-disabled was also a tribute to the memory of Kamila Skolimowska, who was very keen on honoring disabled athletes.

In 2014, Kamila Skolimowska Memorial took place at the PGE Narodowy Stadium in Warsaw, and the biggest star of the competition was the legendary Usain Bolt, who then established the indoor world record  for 100 m (9.98 s). The performance of the fastest man in the world attracted throngs of fans, but Paweł Fajdek turned out to be a black horse of the event, and outshone the grand master and showman from Jamaica with a phenomenal hammer throw series.

Three subsequent editions of the Memorial in 2015-2017 also took place at the largest Polish stadium and every year millions of viewers in front of TV sets and tens of thousands in the stands of PGE Narodowy admired the struggles of top world athletes and applauded numerous records of Poland, Europe and the world being beat, including the wonderful 2016 hammer throw to 82.98 m by Anita Włodarczyk.

There is a special event prepared in addition to the leading athletes’ competition during Kamila Skolimowska Memorial. "Training with Champions" is a chance for hundreds of young adepts to train under the supervision of the biggest athletic champions and their idols at the same time.

Modernization of the Silesian Stadium, perfectly equipped and adapted to hold athletics competitions of the highest rank, allowed for the transfer of this year's, ninth edition of Kamila Skolimowska Memorial to the legendary Chorzów “Witches Cauldron” Stadium.

- We have spent eight beautiful years in Warsaw, many great results were scored at the PGE Narodowy Stadium, and each year the event attracted more and more fans. However, PGE Narodowy is not an athletics object, there is no technical possibility to build a circular athletics track, and therefore we could not hold all the competitions there, especially running – and we have great stars in the discipline. Moving to the Silesian Stadium is a development opportunity. In addition to traditionally splendid throws, viewers will also see the world's leading runners. I am convinced that on August 22, the Chorzów giant will be filled with fans thirsty for great sport, and we know perfectly well that for the Silesians sport simply runs in their blood - said the director of the Kamila Skolimowska Memorial, Marcin Rosengarten.

Current information on Kamila Skolimowska Memorial: fundacjakamili.pl/en/about-the-memorial/

Promo spot of the Memorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWWv1W05HP4




2011, 2012 and 2015 – the best sports event in Warsaw
2013 – the best athletics meeting held in Poland
2015 – event held as part of the European Week of Sport
2016, 2017 – nomination for the title of the Event of the Year in Przegląd Sportowy



The tickets for Kamila Skolimowska Memorila are available on-line at: eBilet.pl, KupBilet.pl and Eventim.pl and in selling points – EMPIK stores, Media Markt, Saturn, Media Expert, PWN Bookshops and STS points.





In 2017 the Memorial has gathered the biggest number of athletics fans at the stadium In twenty years. There were 35 thousand viewers at the PGE Narodowy bleachers.

7 000 000 TV VEWERS
have watched the transmission of the Memorial on TVP 1 and TVP Sport channels in years  2011-2017

In 2017 the transmission was watched by 2 000 000 viewers.

in 50 countries all over the word in 2014-2017