Athletics Camp is a series of sports events for children aged 9-12. The main goals of the camps are: popularizing  the standard athletic competitions among the youngest, sports and health education for children and teachers, and encouraging participants to undertake physical activity.

The leitmotif and the motto of camps from the beginning is - "Everyone can become a champion". The event is  divided into two parts: a theoretical part consisting in workshops with a dietitian and sports psychology classes, and a practical part, during which children can try their hand at six most popular athletics competitions: hammer throwing, discus throwing, running, hurdling , shot put and javelin.

1. The theoretical part - education

It consists in classes and workshops devoted to important topics directly related to sport, such as: sports psychology and dietetics. During classes with a psychologist, children learn, among others, how to deal with stress, and how to find motivation to train and achieve goals – not only the sports ones. Workshops with a dietitian allow participants to understand how important it is to follow a proper diet and practice sports. Using a mixer and various products, the dietitian explains what is happening in the human body after consuming unhealthy snacks versus healthy products. The third element of this block are integrating activities combined with a quiz on Kamila Skolimowska.

2. The practical part - athletics

Consisting of six 20-minute sessions in classic athletics competitions: hammer throw, discus throw, javelin throw, shot put, runs and hurdles. Classes are taught by qualified trainers associated with sports clubs and star athletes: Anita Włodarczyk, Piotr Małachowski, Tomasz Majewski, Paweł Fajdek and Joanna Fiodorow. During the meeting with the masters there is a presentation of sports techniques practiced by our athletes. Participants also have the opportunity to test their previously acquired sports skills. All classes take place using athletics equipment specially adapted to the age of the children (silicone and foam).

3. Added value

Treated as a valuable supplement to all the activities.

Its elements are:

  • integrating activities encouraging children to make new friends
  • manual activities that stimulate creativity and help to foster new ambitions and develop perseverance
    • meeting with the stars, the opportunity to talk, take a photo and get an autograph
  • workshops for physical education teachers in the field of proper education of children regarding athletics competition and proper use of training equipment. Teachers also meet with a dietitian.
  • launching a talent search program. For this purpose, direct cooperation is be established with the coaches of the local clubs and our athletes.

All participants of the camps receive T-shirts, commemorative medals, biographies of Kamila Skolimowska, certificates and gadgets related to the mascot of the Athletics Camp – Kamcia the Elephant. In addition, each institution taking part in the event receives a set of training equipment.